Improve Your Franchise’s Display Ads Campaign with These Tips

If you own a franchise business, chances are you may have encountered the problems that come along with trying to create brand consistency and better user experience across all of the online marketing for your franchise businesses. If employing a streamlined strategy has been your primary goal to ensure your online ads are yielding the most successful results, then you’ve probably already created quality content throughout all of your websites and set up a structure for your branded sites with reliable business location information across the Internet

Follow the Mantra of ‘Simplicity’

With online display ads spending increasing 90 percent between 2014 and 2019, it’s essential to get ahead of the competition and get your franchise campaign set up properly the first time around. Concisely, creating a successful franchise display campaign requires reaching the right people with the right message at the right place. So, you should emphasize one service or product per ad and keep your message tailored to the consumer you’re trying to reach by making the content of your message relevant and easy to comprehend.

The ULTIMATE Guide to Buying a Franchise in 2023

  1. Use the Recognizable Look of the Company

One characteristic of franchise display ads that can set you apart clearly from the competition is the unique look of your brand. If your company is consistent throughout its franchises and uses the same logo, colors, and fonts across all of the franchise businesses, a consumer should see your ad and be drawn to its recognizable look right away.

  1. Make Use of Contextual Targeting

Using contextual targeting allows you to plan your campaign so that your ads will be put on sites whose content conveys what you’re selling. For example, if you are a hotdog franchise spread across many locations, your ad might feature on a food blog or restaurant review site.

  1. Target All Desktop & Mobile Websites

As trends tend to change rapidly and consumers depend more heavily on their mobile devices, it’s crucial to also target your ads across all desktop and mobile devices for maximum reach. Ultimately, as you start evaluating the clicks and leads generated from your online display ads, you’ll have an improved idea as to what devices to spend more on. Make sure that you target the user and not the device for the most accurate results.