A newer method of taking cannabis concentrates is via an electronic rig, or e-rig, as it is more often why people shop e rigs. The ability to precisely regulate the dabbing temperature using an e-rig is a significant advantage when consuming cannabis concentrates, particularly those rich in terpenes.

THC distillates containing helpful terpenes must be stored at a low temperature, so they don’t evaporate. With an e-rig, the user can control the temperature, keeping it between 310 to 400 degrees Centigrade (154 to 205 degrees Centigrade) to protect the fragrant terpenes.

Recent Trends In Taking Cannabis:

The biggest problem of an electronic rig is that it is not particularly portable and cannot be utilized easily outside since it needs energy to function. However, there are now battery-operated variants available. The temperature of an e-rig can be adjusted with ease, allowing the user to take pleasure in dabbing at low temperatures without ever having to worry about burning the nail.

The use of butane torches is optional while dabbing with electronic setups. Concentrate terpenes are destroyed when the nail is heated to above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit using a butane burner. The concentrate cannot be adequately vaporized in a dab rig at the current temperature setting. Instead of taking a shot in the dark, the user may adjust the settings for each hit with an electronic rig.

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There has been a recent movement among dabbing fans to shop e rigs of how they appreciate the practice. The great majority of dab smokers previously used nails and flames. The cannabis market is being revolutionized by brand-new, portable technology.

Most seasoned cannabis consumers now prefer using e-rigs for dabbing. Recent innovations like these handheld gadgets highlight the growing importance of technology in the cannabis market. E-rigs are electronic gadgets that have improved the dabbing process.

Among cannabis culture’s many triumphs, an electric dab rig stands out. Initially, there were many gripes regarding the e-battery rig’s life and its oil capacity per dab. Due to technological advancements and new approaches, an electric dab rig would be a fantastic alternative to traditional dabbing techniques.

The ability to regulate the heat is the primary advantage of electric dab rigs. In the past, concentrates were dabbed by burning a nail with a flame and inhaling the resulting vapor. Electric dab rigs make it easy to choose the perfect temperature for the user’s needs.


In a similar vein, electric dab rigs don’t produce much trash after usage. Compared to using a blow torch, their usage is far less risky and safer. Vaporization is most enjoyable between 315- and 440 degrees Fahrenheit, and electric dab rigs make it easy to get there.

This eliminates the acid taste and burns often associated with a blow torch, allowing you to fully appreciate the terpenes in the concentrate’s aroma and flavor. Using an electric dab rig, we can set the temperature of your nails precisely and reliably. E-nails may be easily cleaned with an alcohol-soaked cloth, making the e-rig low-maintenance.