There are different stages of work disability. For example, people with a back injury may be able to undergo light duty for six weeks and then if they’re still not able to perform the required task, or will remain so for an extended period of time, they can apply for permanent disability. Here is how a disability lawyer can help you with your case.


The CT workers compensation lawyer can help disabled people file a claim, since it is not a simple process to do so. The first step the lawyer will take is to get all the necessary paperwork completed. He will then contact the insurance company and start negotiating on your behalf. Once a deal is finalized, he’ll draw up paperwork that has you stated as being disabled and unable to work at the moment.

Disability Benefits

A lawyer can help with any type of disability benefits. If you’re injured on the job, you may be able to file a claim for disability benefits from the workers compensation program. This will also include long-term disability benefits for people who are not working at the moment due to their injuries, but will be continuously unable to work in the future due to medical reasons.

Disability Retirement

disability lawyers in Pennsylvania can help you obtain disability retirement benefits if you’re a public employee who is disabled. These are the benefits you apply for if you have become disabled on the job, or if you have a work related injury that prevents you from returning to work.

Incapacity Insurance

This type of insurance covers employees when their incomes are reduced due to an illness or injury, and the employer pays all or part of his income until he recovers from his sickness and is able to return to work. The incapacity benefits are usually a percentage of the employee’s salary at the time of his disability.

Fairness in Classification

When workers are injured on the job, their medical conditions and severity of injuries can be determined officially by the workers’ compensation department. The claim process allows employers to file a regular form explaining why an employee should continue to work or not. This is called “fairness in classification. If you are applying for benefits and the decision is granted, you may appeal the decision.

Disability Benefits Appeals

If you are denied benefits and disagree with the department’s decision, your lawyer can represent you in an appeal hearing. The goal of this hearing is to clarify whether or not you’re able to return to work in a reasonable amount of time.