When a house is made, the structure is made accordingly and the materials are used such that the building remains strong even after a long time. But the main part of making a building is the floor. Most of the weight of the building is held by the floor and pillar. Even if the building is multi-storeyed, it is important to make the floor strong. IF the floor is not strong enough to carry heavy weight the building may collapse. Therefore, while making the building, it is very important to choose the right material so that it can carry the weight without any damage. Earlier the floors were made up of concrete but with time it was noticed that many materials were better than concrete to make the floor. So, concrete flooring demolition started and people opted for the option of epoxy flooring.

Why should one opt for epoxy flooring

  • In earlier days, concrete floors were thought to be the best in the industry. They were strong, could carry heavyweight, and lasted for a long time. However, they were not very strong when exposed to heavy chemicals. They started to degrade easily. Hence, people started to look for a better alternative to make floors.

  • Since most of the buildings have their floors made up of concrete, an epoxy flooring method was chosen. In this, the concrete floor is protected by creating a layer of epoxy over the concrete floor that is strong, chemically resistive, and also gives a good finishing to the concrete floor. It also provides strength and durability to the floor.
  • This is used in the places where there is heavy machinery used that may damage the floor. They are also used in the workshops and industries where there is excessive use of chemicals and thus it prevents the floor from any kind of damage that may occur due to these chemicals.

They also come in variable colors. People can choose any color that may go well with the rest of the interior design of the building all the while making the floor strong and resistant to any kind of damage.