Dehydrating food is one of the oldest techniques of storing food hence, food dehydrators are known to be preferable means of storing foods as it enhances the taste of food more. Food dehydrators are a good way of storing products that are brought from the market. Food dehydrators are also used for various other activities, such as making herbs at home. Food dehydration, in another word, helps in the preservation of foods and has been in practice for ages.

How do food dehydrators work?

The most commonly used food dehydrators are basic ovens that help dry moisture from fruits, vegetables, and other foods as the water content in food is generally very high. It also has various health benefits since the lack of water prevents bacteria from growing in it. Food dehydrators amazingly reduce the volume of the food and make it more convenient for storage. They preserve food for a longer time as the shelf life of the stored food increases through this process. In this process, food dehydrators require heat sources such as solar energy, biofuel, electric power, etc. This is done on a large scale, such as commercial food dehydrators, and on small scales, such as doing it at home. This process is continued until the quantity of water present in food goes below 20%. To make food dehydration more efficient, a constant temperature and adequate airflow need to be applied, or else, inadequate temperature could result in food getting spoiled.

Types of food dehydrators

One of the widely known and practiced methods of food dehydration is a solar food dehydrator. Solar food dryer is almost the same as the antique method of drying food under the sun. Still, it is different as they can attain high food drying temperatures, making food dehydration more efficient while maintaining the quality of the food. Solar food dehydration is a popular, effective, and applicable technique practiced mostly in densely populated places of the world. Food dehydration is a tried, tested and trustable method of preserving food.

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