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There are many benefits to treating yourself to waxing and hair removal services from Salon 755. Many believe that the only purpose of waxing is to remove unwanted hair. However, the truth is that regular waxing also promotes the reduction of long-term hair growth, and is beneficial to having soft and beautiful skin as well. If you are tired of shaving and tweezing those unwanted hairs, and feel you are losing the battle, you would be wise to consider waxing. Hair growth is different for everyone. However, when you simply shave the unwanted hair, it only removes the hair as far as the surface of your skin. As you know, the hair continues to grow and in no time, those annoying hairs are scratchy and unsightly once again. Tweezing is a great option for getting rid of random hairs that seem to come from nowhere. However, the one hair at a time method is tedious and can be painful.

Why Wax?

Waxing solves both issues. First, it removes the hair at the root, deep below the skin surface. This not only forces new hair to grow further to reach the surface, but it also removes the hair thoroughly and helps to reduce overall hair growth in the area waxed. Waxing also is helpful to remove unwanted hair in hard to reach areas. Instead of cutting yourself or pulling a muscle trying to reach those areas, a hair removal professional can easily handle the job for you. Also, waxing allows all the hair in a particular area to be removed at once, instead of plucking one at a time. In short, waxing and hair removal services will remove larger amounts of hair in a short amount of time that lasts far longer than other methods.

Waxing and Hair Removal Preparation

For best results, you should do a bit of planning before booking your appointment. First, in order to wax effectively, you should have approximately two week's worth of hair growth or ¼ inch. Hair that is extremely fine or that does not grow to that length can still be removed. However, the longer the hairs are, the easier the wax can adhere to and remove them. Also, avoid using any retinol or glycolic acids for at least 48 hours before your appointment. These products include wrinkle and aging creams and other similar products. A little planning can not only make the experience more enjoyable but also more effective.

The Gold Standard In Hair Removal: Nufree Nudesse®

At Salon 755, we proudly use the best quality non-wax hair removal system available as well. Nufree Nudesse® and Nufree Finipil® are the only safe, soy-based, antimicrobial, antibacterial, hair removal systems. Because these systems are not a wax, they are a fantastic option for facial, arm, leg, and even Brazilian hair removal services. The products are only available through licensed salon professionals with the skill and experience to provide the best service available.

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