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What Is An Exceptional Hair Cut?

At Salon 755, we believe that an exceptional haircut is a work of art. It requires natural talent to provide one. Our Stylists must be thoroughly trained in hair cutting and styling, as well as the latest trends and technologies. When it is all said and done, to understand the art of an exceptional haircut, it is important to know what makes a haircut exceptional. Below, you will find the top characteristics that we believe sets apart a "regular" haircut from a truly exceptional one, and why it is an art form all its own.

The Artist

When you step foot into a salon, you may not be thinking about how your stylist is actually an artist. They have spent years learning the tools until they became an extension of their own hand. They have worked diligently to perfect their methods just as a painter or sculptor must do. The stylist has been highly trained in their craft. Additionally, they continue to seek out training to ensure they remain on top of their game. Finally, they have a sincere appreciation for their subject. They are dedicated to the people they serve, as an impressionist is devoted to his medium. The stylist is an artist in every sense, and only the top artists can achieve exceptional results.

The Art Form

The art of an exceptional haircut can be seen in the finished product’s characteristics. When an exceptional haircut is completed, the artist and the client can immediately tell once the final snip of the scissors is made. The shape should be beautiful, and every strand of hair should fall into place effortlessly, even before it is dried or styled. A truly exceptional haircut is evident right away, and if the cut looks good even before it is styled, it will look even better once it is. Also, because the cut is perfectly suited for one’s own hair length, texture, and head shape, styling it will be almost effortless. You need not fight with your hair when it has been cut like a work of art. Furthermore, like many works of art, it can only be fully appreciated for the masterpiece that it is as time goes by. If it still looks stunning and is easy to manage weeks after it was done, you know it was exceptional.

The Canvas

When you experience the art of an exceptional haircut, it will illuminate your best features bringing out your natural beauty. When your haircut is a work of art, you will find that compliments are given for much more than the cut alone. Your eyes will seem brighter, your lips will seem fuller, your facial features and bone structure will be perfected. Of course, the actual work of art is not your haircut alone. It is you. The exceptional haircut must be beautiful in itself, but it is you that holds the most beauty. Together, an exceptional haircut and you become a work of art.

The Salon 755 Experience

Salon 755 is your local salon. Our mission is to ensure you will enjoy the best quality salon services by the most talented and highest trained licensed cosmetologists at a price that offers affordability and exceptional value. We pride ourselves on the clean, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere that has earned us a reputation for happy clients every time. Specializing in services for both women and men, our goal has always been to focus on customizing our services to fit your style and budget. We warmly invite you to book an appointment with one of our stylists or contact us with any questions. You can then experience for yourself the Salon 755 difference.

Here is what some of our loyal clients are saying about getting their haircut in Woodbury at Salon 755:

Stephanie says, "...great at cuts and will discuss what styling options you have for your haircut!".

Don says, "...asks all the right questions, doesn't take off too much, and pays attention to ALL details. I would recommend this place to anyone!".

Jill says, "Truly amazing. Best haircut I have had in a LONG time and will definitely keep coming back for more! The staff is so nice and knowledgeable you won't ever want to go anywhere else!".

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