Salon 755

 What Does "Salon Company" Mean?

The words ‘salon company’ mean different things to different people. Some hear salon and think it only applies to overpriced haircuts. Others may hear salon and think of an uncomfortable and overly fancy environment. One person may believe that a salon can transform them into an entirely new person. Another person may feel as if a salon cannot help them at all. The term salon indeed evokes different emotions and beliefs. At Salon 755, we have a very distinct view of what a salon should be. Our approach may be different from other salons. However, it is an approach that we stand behind. We’d like to share with you our definition of Salon, and why we believe in the way we serve our clients.


We believe that a salon should always provide customers with exceptional quality services from highly skilled stylists consistently. The stylists should have experience, talent, and training to deliver services that are first rate. We also believe that education is an ongoing process, and stylists should continue educating themselves and attending training to remain on the cutting-edge of the salon industry. Clients should be able to fully trust their stylist. They should know that any service, from hair coloring to hair removal will be exceptionally delivered each and every time.


The price a client pays for their service should be based on the service itself, and not on a fancy name or costly and uncomfortable interior design. You work hard for the money you earn, just as we do. Moreover, we understand the importance of value. That is why our prices are set based on the service you are provided and the level of training and experience of your stylist.


A salon should be a warm and inviting environment. A client should never feel uncomfortable or out of place. When a client walks into our salon, we believe they should instantly feel welcomed. Many salons pride themselves on an environment that is cold and sterile. Our belief is that a salon experience should be memorable for being comfortable and feeling at ease, not memorable for feeling cold and uninviting. A salon experience should be relaxing and completely enjoyable.


The service a client receives should always be exceptional. All facets of their visit from the way they were treated to the products used in the process should exceed their expectations. We believe that excellent service is more than just a cliché but is truly the cornerstone of everything we do.

The Salon 755 Experience

Salon 755 is your local salon. Our mission is to ensure you will enjoy the best quality salon services by the most talented and highest trained licensed cosmetologists at a price that offers affordability and exceptional value. We pride ourselves on the clean, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere that has earned us a reputation for happy clients every time. Specializing in services for both women and men, our goal has always been to focus on customizing our services to fit your style and budget. We warmly invite you to book an appointment with one of our stylists and experience for yourself the Salon 755 difference.