Every day there’s a new product on the market claiming to be the next best thing for your scalp, hair, health and will magically turn you into a luscious goddess. We are bombarded with information and opinions that are slapped on every bottle of shampoo, but how do we know which opinions are the best for our hair?

In recent years, there have been numerous claims of lackluster effects that sulfates have on your hair. But, what even are sulfates? The simplest way to put it, is that they are surfactants, which is commonly found in things that suds, such as soap, detergent, and shampoo! Surfactants attract water and oil, allowing them to ease the removal of dirt, dust or other debris. When it comes to your hair, this is great, but it may be a little too harsh at times. As we all know, our hair needs its natural oils to remain strong and healthy! Sulfate shampoos can strip your hair of it’s essential oils and cause damage. This, however, is the extent of their downfall, and is more of a “could happen” than a “would happen.” If you heard that nasty rumor circulating that surfactants give you cancer, fear not. There is no scientific evidence linking todays surfactants and cancer, according to the American College of Toxicity. In the 1970’s, however, some shampoos included a different type of surfactant, ethanolamine lauryl sulfate, which did have cancerous effects. This has been banned, and does not come near your shampoo.  

The easiest rule of thumb to live by, is if your hair is all natural, doesn’t fight you on anything, and is low maintenance sulfate full shampoo is just as good as good as sulfate free shampoo. If you have dyed hair, curly hair, dry hair, or any issues with your hair being strong and healthy, you should avoid shampoo that has sulfates in it, as it’ll only strip your hair and make it harder to handle, as well as dry it out.

Sulfates are in shampoo, purely because they make it very easy to clean surfaces. The suds and lather possibilities make it a lot simpler to get things out of your hair. Sulfate free shampoo, on the other hand, doesn’t sud. That’s the most common complaint of people who switch over, but regardless of how much the shampoo lathers, you can still rest assured that the shampoos in our salon will do their job! Come by and check out our selection today!