We don’t know about you guys, but it’s stinkin’ hot out there and our hair is feeling the heat! These midsummer temperatures are hard to get used to, and not just for your bod’. Whether you have thick hair, thin hair, frizzy hair, or straight hair, you’re feeling the heat and your hair is too! The best part about summer is all the fun stuff you plan to do in the sun, so how do you combat having frizzy hair on these exciting adventures? Buns. Buns are glorious, simple, and cute as heck. However, there is more to buns than the typical messy one you toss your hair into before rushing out the door. We’d love to teach you a few simple, easy buns that can be dressed up or down, to suit any occasion and to keep you cool this summer!

Double Bun

What’s better than one bun, you ask? Why, two, obviously! That’s why we’ve included this adorable double bun. It’s simple, takes moments to create, and is high on the list of trends we’re loving this year. Simply split your hair into two sections, comb them into a ponytail, tease the hair, and wrap into a bun! Once you’ve wrapped it, you can pull pieces for volume and to keep them loose. Trust us, this one is adorable! Click here to give it a try.

Textured Sock Bun

Everybody always loves those cute tight buns right on the top of your head, but this one is even simpler! This can be achieved with a bun form you can purchase at Target, but if you don’t have one, this works just as well in a hurry! First thing you need to do is find a sock you won’t miss. Cut a hole at the toe, and stretch it into the shape of a donut. Now, the textured part is great because you don’t even have to brush your hair! Throw it into a ponytail at whatever height you’d like your bun, and pull your hair through the donut sock. Splay the hair around the edges, and roll it up! Roll all the way to the base of your head, making sure the hair covers all areas of the sock to hide the color and voila! Your textured sock bun is complete! Click here to give it a try. Side Braided Bun

This one makes us feel like goddesses wandering the forest, because braids just do that to a girl. You begin by sectioning your hair leaving the front section from temple to temple pinned for later use, throwing it back into a high bun, and then returning to the pinned hair to braid. Once that’s done, weave and pin the braids to your bun, creating an elegant and sophisticated look, that took you a whopping five minutes to throw together. Click here to give it a try.

Messy Top Knot

This one is great because what outfit doesn’t look cute with a top knot? We often hear clients complain about their hair is too thin for the fluffy full styles associated with top knots, but have no fear, we’ve got a solution! The key to this one, is teasing your hair before putting it up! Once in a ponytail, splitting the hair and twisting it around itself can provide a nice added texture, and more pair to pull apart. Remember to keep two pieces loose on either side of your face, to help frame it! Click here to give it a try.

As we mentioned before, it’s hot out this summer! You and your look don’t have to suffer for it, though. Spending time in the heat does not mean that your hair has to be flat, frizzy or disappointing. There are many pictures to be had this summer, and we want you looking your best, and staying cool by keeping your hair out of your face, and off your neck! What are some other fun buns you use to stay cool, or just to save yourself a few minutes in the morning? 

Photo courtesy of Makeup.com