We hear it all the time; “What’s cool right now?” Okay, so maybe we hear variations of that question, but either way, we’re continually being asked what’s going to be in, what everyone is wearing, and how to make theirs unique to their own style. This summer we’re seeing a lot of fun trends, and things that never really go out of style but are still well worn and well loved.

  • White-Sand Babylights. Highlights are one thing, but this is a subtler version of that. White-sand referring to the extreme white-blonde that our clients are requesting in much smaller portions are used to frame the face in a ultra-cute way of brightening your hair.

  • Faded Pastels. This is where you hear words like “rose gold” or “lavender tones” and get all mushy inside. We’re right there with you, those hints of color that look like your hair is blushing have captivated millions and show no signs of slowing. 

  • The Cool or Dirty Brunette look. This is actually considered two different hair styles, but we grouped them into one because brunette is brunette is brunette. The cool brunette is made up of darker ashy tones that frame the face and are mid-length baby-lights. While a Dirty Brunette, involves lighter browns that are far from blonde highlighting subtly throughout. Think a dirty blonde, but darker. 

  • Monotone Black. This one is great for anybody with that natural silky smooth hair we all envy deep down. Monotone black hair has made its way back into trends thanks to the lovely Kendall Jenner and co. 

  • Dusty Sunshine Reds. Think pretty copper tones and flowing orange-y red curls. We’re talking that pretty burnt orange color everyone thought meant you deserved the name ginger, when you actually deserve the name Queen. 

  • Antique Gold. You read that right, and it’s not a reference to your age. Antique gold has told platinum blonde to take a seat this season, and is being seen left and right on all kinds of heads of hair! It’s a beautiful champagne color, mixed in with warmer tones. The name comes from old Hollywood, and we are loving the throwback. 

These are just a few of the trends we’re seeing on our end, but what things are you noticing on yours? We’re here to help you achieve the hairstyle you need to feel confident and in control of your life, regardless of if it’s considered “trendy” or if it’s just you. We’d love to help you out, and to hear from you! Call the salon today to book an appointment.