Hair trends ebb and flow just like fashion trends. Instead of scrambling at the last minute to establish a well put together look, get the inside scoop early and set up an appointment today! Women always face a revolving door of styles, but this year we’re seeing fringe...everywhere.

Jaw-Length Cuts:

Is anyone really surprised that the ultra-cute bob isn’t going anywhere? ‘Cause we’re not. It’s classy, modern, and all around gorgeous. Women everywhere can rock it, so why can’t you? They’re effortless for those of us with thick or thin straight hair, and even those of us with ringlet curls can rock a bob when cut right. Besides - think of how much shampoo you’re about to save!

Curtain Fringe:

This combo includes subtle bangs and a choppy look that blends together in a complete “I rolled out of bed and still look hotter than you” look. Stylists are looking at long soft bangs that are versatile and easy to wear any way you please. The best part of this look is that your peers won’t be able to tell if you got it cut last week or a month ago, they’ll just know that your natural textured look is what they’ll be describing at their next salon appointment.

Chunky Bangs

When it’s time for something new, consider going with textured chunky bangs. Frame your face with some edgy bangs that can soften up your profile and add some flare to a simple up-do. Ask your stylist to cut your bangs sitting at the brow line with a slightly chunkier cut in the center to open up your face. If you’re the kind of girl that rolls out of bed in the morning rushing to grab a chai before work, bangs will help give that ponytail a little extra bounce. When you’re tired of having bangs, pin them back and change your whole look for a day.

Men are not excluded from fashion do’s and don’ts, and are facing some great trends this year too!
Soft Sweep

We saw it in the tail end of 2017, the men of Hollywood are unbristling and becoming lax with their hair. A very relaxed fade or a high and not so tight allow these textured looks to give off a soft sexy vibe that Tom Hardy has been rocking as of late. Sweeping the hair to one side with a hard part is a subtle new trend that we all can hold dear.

Long Sweep

Contrary to the soft subtle look of the soft sweep, show off your long locks by gently gelling them back. This style is perfect for men looking to maintain their longer hair in a semi-glamorous and elegant look. The long sweep is the timid cousin to the 80’s hairsprayed look we saw not so long ago. Men with shoulder length cuts can pull off this elegantly masculine look easily with the help of some pommade.

Bleached Crop

We saw the high and tight military styling all through 2017, and while that’s certainly not phasing out this year, it’s coming back with a unique new styling trend; bleached. Men everywhere are reaching for that box of bleach, the smart ones are taking a trip to the salon, and tinting their tips or dyeing their whole head. There’s many variations here on tone of color, and amount of coloring, but it’s predicted to be a solid new trend this year.

There’s always time for a fun new hairstyle to impress your friends or just give yourself a confidence boost. Branch out of your comfort zone and try something new, even if it’s not one of these trends. Come in and tell your stylist what you don’t like about your current style so you can come up with a new look together!

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