We’ve all been disappointed once or twice after a visit to a salon. You have an expectation that either wasn’t met, or wasn’t properly communicated, and end up walking out deflated and frustrated by loss of funds and time. One of the best feelings is when you walk out of your salon, with a new hairstyle executed exactly the way you expected. It always takes two to communicate effectively, and while it can be hard to find a way to get your vision across, it pays off in the long run.

Typically, the best way to get all of your expectations out when meeting with a new stylist is to try and schedule a consultation appointment. These appointments are important to set a level of expectation between you and your stylist. The extra time taken out of your day can mean the difference between the auburn peekaboo you’re looking for, and a deep red you’re looking to avoid. This consultation can help give you an idea of how long the appointment could take, and a nice idea of the cost. Who doesn’t like being prepared?! You’ll be able to get to know the person working on your hair, and they’ll be able to get an idea of the hair they’ll be working on!

Hair stylists are visual people. They work better knowing exactly what you want, so try to bring in multiple photos of the cut, color and style you’re looking to achieve. Make sure the photos are not just on your phone, but larger high resolution ones so the stylist can see the details in the cut and color. This will break down any barriers that could inhibit you from properly explaining what you’re looking for, not because you’re incapable, but because it’s likely you don’t know all of the technical terms that come along with working on hair! Another reason it’s incredibly important to bring photos in, is for the color. You may have dark natural hair and could be incapable of attaining the exact shade you’re looking for. Each person's hair is different and will be affected by different dyes in various ways.

Your stylist’s goal is to give you the hair you’ve been dreaming of. They’re here to set you up for success, but they can’t do that without the right tools. Only you know what you want for your hair, and your new look. Set up your consultation today, and come meet with a stylist to ensure you both leave the appointment happy!