This time of year, it’s nearly impossible to avoid a little bit of breakage in your hair. The cold air and constant fluctuation in temperatures and moisture are hard on your strands. There are numerous things you could be doing that are causing breakage in your hair, without you even knowing!

  • Always having your hair up! We lead busy lives, but that go to up do isn’t always the best option! If you keep your hair in a tight ponytail or bun all the time, you’re causing stress to the strands of your hair, which can lead to breakage. This is especially true if you wear your hair up in the same spots each day, and if you put it up when it’s wet.

  • Using over-clarifying products. Products centered around clarifying your hair are great, but only on an occasional use basis. They pull nutrients from your hair, which overtime can deplete your hair of the natural oils it needs and dry it out even more.

  • Brushing wet hair. When your hair is wet, it’s actually thinner than when it is dry. Water changes the elasticity of your hair. You can use a wet comb in the shower prior to rinsing out your conditioner, or a wet brush afterwards to avoid these issues, otherwise let your hair dry prior to brushing!

  • Brushing your hair from the root to tip. If you’re starting at the top of your scalp and running your brush to the ends, you’re compacting the tangles at the bottom of your hair, which is where the most breakage is. This compounds the breaks and creates worse knots.

  • You skip the trim. We always hear people say that they don’t cut their hair because they want it to grow out. Unfortunately, not cutting your hair actually can halt the growth. This isn’t because it actually stops growing, but it’s because the breakage at the end is still there, and is continually breaking off and traveling up your hair!

With split ends, prevention is key. The more you work to keep your hair healthy now, the better luck you’ll have with split ends later. There are obvious things you can do to keep your hair healthy, like avoiding heat tools and using leave in conditioners, but once you have split ends, the only way to get rid of them, is to get rid of them. Haircuts are an important part of hair maintenance, and will give you healthier longer hair in the long run. Call us today to set up your next haircut!