If you’re sitting at home frustrated by the dull color you were born with and considering going to the grocery store to pick out a new color from a box, let us offer you some advice… don’t! Clients come in all the time with hair that’s been damaged by box dye, or come wandering in trying to get us to do a quick fix on a mistake. The trouble is, there is no quick fix. If you’ve used box dye, especially a dark color, prepare for a long road of adjustments and toning. In the end, the extra expense is worth it, because you get what you pay for.

We’ve all heard the trauma stories about box dye and what it can do to your hair, yet there is a huge majority of people out there who continue to go through with it. The biggest issue with a box dye is that they’re created in terms of “one size fits all” and no two people have exactly the same color and tones in their hair. The box on the shelf doesn’t know what it’s working with, it contains a specific developer and solution that isn’t altered based on the condition of your hair. If you’re going to lighten a dark wall, you have to prime it first. The same context applies to hair!

A box dye purchased at the grocery store cannot lift your original color. To properly dye your hair, you must first remove the original color to get a healthy shine with no brassy undertones. The developer in a box color can range anywhere from 20 to 40 volume, which is necessary to cover gray hair or to go to a dark shade. Continually coating your hair with a high volume developer creates damage. Developer contains ammonia and peroxide which are used to open the cuticle of your hair so it is permanently altered to the new color. If you’re regularly using too strong of a developer, you can end up with permanent damage and breakage.

The cost you spend on box dye may be insignificant, but if it turns out to be a color you can’t live with, you’re going to have to spend money on corrective coloring which often surpases the charge of a walk in appointment to undamaged hair. That doesn’t even begin to mention how long a correction can take to damaged hair, often 3 or 4 hours. You have a personalized haircut, so why wouldn’t you have a personalized solution for your color?
Our stylists are professionally trained to create a specific chemical formula for your hair that takes into account the original color they’re dealing with, as well as your skin tone and eye color. We aim to please you, so come in and be open about what your goals are for your hair, and we’ll do our best to make sure you walk out feeling like a brand new self!