There seems to be a common misconception that highlights are just for women. The fact is, men's highlights are as popular as ever, and a fantastic way to freshen up your look for summer. Men's highlights or guylights are extremely versatile. Whether you want to go bright and bold, or just enjoy a subtle change to mesh with your natural hair color, guylights are the answer. Men's highlights are very trendy, and individuals from all lifestyles are taking advantage. A fresh and stylish cut with some classy highlights will look fabulous in your business suit or on the beach. Because there can be so many variations of guylights, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular highlight options today.

California Cool Guylights

The California look is very hip and can be as drastic as you desire. This look generally involves short hair in front with hair on the sides allowed to grow the length of your face. Gentlemen who are already blonde can add bright white highlights to give that sun-streaked look. However, even those with darker hair can use blond highlights to go from bland to super stylish.

Subtle Men’s Highlights

Also exceptionally popular currently is the use of subtle highlights or highlights that are relatively close in color to your natural hair. This is an excellent way to start with highlights if you are not sure they are for you. It offers a great new look that is not too shocking or obvious. You can always choose to go bolder down the road.

Why Men’s Highlights

Aside from looking fantastic and changing things up, skillful use of highlights has many other benefits. They can easily complement your desired hairstyle, enhance facial features, bring out the color of your skin or eyes, and add depth and volume to the look of your hair. It is important to have your highlights done professionally to ensure the best quality and avoid damage to your hair and your confidence.

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