We’ve heard the debate over and over, as you sit in your stylists’ chair contemplating the $50 bottle of shampoo on the shelf. Do you invest and buy the nice shampoo or head to the drug store to purchase a $4 bottle? The answer depends on the wallet in your pocket, but also on how much your hair matters to you.

Your friends might claim that their hair is thick, shiny and smooth because of how great their drugstore brand is, but have you ever read the ingredients on the back of those bottles? There’s a reason they make your hair shiny, but it’s the same reason your hair has been thinning out all these years. That bottle of drugstore shampoo is mostly water, giving it a great value for the company selling it, but not doing anything special for your hair. It contains a fraction of the ingredients salon grade shampoo contains. The water base dilutes the other ingredients making the plus size bottle seem like a good deal, but you could be wasting money.  Another factor to think about is whether or not the shampoo you are using is right for your hair. Going to the store and picking out something for dry and damaged hair, when it may need volume definitely won’t help your tresses. The shininess you’re seeing isn’t because your hair is healthy, it’s because your product is filled with additives like silicone, which coats your hair and over time causes dullness. Look for products that are sulfate-free and have small amounts of alcohol because they are much better for your hair, and of course always make sure they’re silicone free.

You can always ask one of our stylists what they would recommend as they can see and touch your tresses to make a better assessment. We offer a wide variety of professional shampoos and conditioners in the salon from like Redken and Surface. Both are great options and they offer different products for different types of hair.

You go to the doctor when  you’re sick, so go to the salon when your hair is sick. You’ll be amazed and the difference in a few weeks time, especially if you have any color in your hair! Make the change and spoil your hair a little extra this month. The bottle you buy at the salon will last much longer than a bottle you buy at the local CVS, and you’ll see much better results.