Rough, dry, damaged hair is tough to work with. Brittle hair breaks off in the middle of the strand; dull hair doesn’t let you feel your best. With Redken’s new ph-Bonder, you’ll be able to stop any damage to your hair from your coloring or lightening services! Contact us at 651-501-7464 to learn more about pH-Bonder, and check out our specials page at!

Protect Your Hair With pH-Bonder!

1. In-Salon

We’re excited to be able to offer Redken’s new pH-Bonder in a professional treatment! With pH-Bonder, restore balance to your pH and protect the bonds between your hair and your color or lightener while reducing damage to your hair fibers! This amazing treatment is based on a unique synergistic system which helps protect bonds and reduce breakage during technical services like bleaching and hair coloring. It’s extremely easy to add to the process and has huge benefits to you! After the treatment, your hair will begin to look and feel healthier, softer, stronger, more elastic and less damaged. pH-Bonder professional treatment is our special of the month for November!

2. At-Home

After your pH-Bonder in-salon service, you can continue your hair protection mission with our at-home formula: pH-Bonder Post Service Perfector! Redken’s at-home pH-Bonder formula helps you maintain your hair’s natural pH for additional shine and smoothness. It also helps reduce breakage and improve elasticity! Apply this treatment once per week before you shampoo on wet, towel-dried hair. Massage it in from the roots to the ends and leave on for at least 10 minutes, then rinse! The at-home treatment is available for purchase, but be sure to also come in for the pH-Bonder professional in-salon service in November at Salon 755.