The beauty of nature and being human is that we’re all a little, or a lot, different than everyone around us. There are no two people in this world exactly the same, so why not use your unique features and interests to showcase who you are! There are numerous shapes, sizes and haircuts that can factor into our style. We’re all beautiful and need to find a hairstyle that helps us embrace ourselves. Our goal for this post, is to help those of us with round faces feel a little more sure when they walk through our door for their next appointment. We’ve put together a guides for our round faced friends, so we can frame your face and highlight your natural beauty while being stylish and most importantly having fun!

  1. Try leaving elongated strands of hair on either side of your face, to slim it down.

  2. Avoid straight bangs, and go for a choppy look to keep from a harsh horizontal line to widen the face.

  3. Consider trying out long side bangs for a diagonal line crossing your face. It’s a simple way to make your face look longer.

  4. Volume up top can also slim your face.

  5. Never be afraid of change - embrace the plump cheeks and try something fun, because it’s just hair!

What you really need to consider when you’re changing your hairstyle is what you’re most comfortable in, and how much effort you want to put into your hair each morning! For round faces, you can use just about any hair length to offset plump cheeks. Medium hairstyles use locks masking the sides of your face to help give it a narrow appearance. Longer hairstyles are great because they create vertical lines that frame your face, and can easily be paired with bangs. In the end, you need to do what’s best for you and your face. Pixie cuts are fun, and enticing but can be hard for many women because you’re cutting off a lot of hair! For women with round faces they can accentuate the feature some are trying to avoid, but are still worth the effort if you’ve never gone short before!

We are all different, and just because you don’t fit the concepts pressed upon us by the media, doesn’t make you any less beautiful. The right hairstyle is meant to empower you, and help boost your self-love and confidence. We are here to help you embrace your style, and remember what you love about being you.