Splashlights are on trend this fall! What are Splashlights? Imagine you’re standing in a room and light shines in through a window onto your hair creating a perfect complement to your color. This technique replicates the effect of natural light on your hair. Splashlights can be bold or subtle with bright colors or soft washes of color. However you choose to customize this trend, you can bet you’ll love it! Make an appointment today to have one of our Redken trained stylists help you get Splashlights!



Why hide your roots? Highlight them with Crownlights! A splash of color at your roots are great for a bold, unique look!


Fringelights are amazing on short hair! They provide a shimmer of brilliance at the fringe, which are perfect for drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones.


Spotlights are a new twist on the Ombre style! A Spotlight is done by weaving light through the mid-lengths of your hair, which is ideal if you want a natural look.


Boldlights are a bold band of color at the mid-lengths of long hair. It’s a great way to frame your face with precise color placement! Boldlights are just that; a way to highlight your hair in an edgy way.


Across Twitter, Instagram and other social media, fashionistas like you are sharing their Splashlights results using the hashtag #Splashlights! Have you seen your friends with this style yet? Check out the hashtag on social media to see all of the creative ways people are using Splashlights! Be sure to share your locks after you have your Splashlights done at Salon 755! Make your appointment today!