These days, it’s all about the blur! Redken’s Luxe Blur is a customizable blending technique which makes your hair more glam with it’s multi-tonal dimension and chic luminosity. Luxe Blur hair color adds dramatic highlights to a look that’s all your own. At Salon 755, our stylists can customize the Luxe Blur look to any style you can think of, so book an appointment today to discover your new hair color!

Redken’s Blur Brush

The secret behind the Luxe Blur technique is Redken’s blur brush! With it’s longer bristles, it helps distribute the Luxe Blur formulas evenly and create a gentle transition from one shade to the next in your hair color. The bristles are a fine synthetic, so chemicals don't ruin the brush and it washes out like a standard color brush. You can use lighteners and it will not disintegrate.The brush saves time and allows the color to blend easily, allowing your stylist to be as creative as you want!

The New Luxe Blur Technique

Your stylist will section off parts of your hair, depending on what style you’d like at the end. Then, section by section, they’ll apply one color to one part of a section (perhaps the roots or one side) followed by the other color to the opposite section (the ends or the other side). Then they will use the Blur Brush to bring the two together into a middle section which had not yet had color applied to it. This is how the Blur effect is created, and it can be customized in a multitude of ways.


Across Twitter, Instagram and other social media, fashionistas like you are sharing their Luxe Blur results using the hashtag #SpreadTheBlur! Be sure to share your locks after you have your Blur done at Salon 755! Make your appointment today!