We made it! It’s finally the new year, and Minnesota is teasing us with hints of spring. Unfortunately, we’re not out of the woods yet.  January is one of the harshest months in Minnesota, and while this year has been relatively mild up until this point, your hair could still use some extra love and winter care!

  • Treat Yo...Hair! Really, this is treating yourself, because who doesn’t love a good protein pack? It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, you should be adding treatments to your routine. This can even be as mild as leaving conditioner in for an extra ten minutes, but whatever you can do to aid in keeping moisture in your luscious locks, will indeed keep them luscious.

  • Shampoo Fewer Times a Week! One of the best things you can do once it gets cold out is to minimize your shampoo routine. A lot of our clients come in complaining of dandruff and dry itchy scalps, this can be tamed by simply washing your hair fewer times during the week.

  • Use Leave-In Conditioner! These are THE BEST for keeping static and frizz at bay! We have many products on hand at our salon for you to purchase, if you don’t have one - buy one!

  • Go Dark! (or stay natural!) Dying your hair blonde is damaging in general, but during the winter? Sheesh! If you’re one to switch things up and keep your friends on their toes, consider going dark for the winter instead of re-doing those highlights.

  • Stop using so much heat! Styling tools that use heat to keep body obviously damage your hair. You should be working to avoid using too much heat in your hair year round, but especially during these cold months. Consider an up-do, like a fun twist or braid instead of curls for your next night out!

  • Oils, serums and hydration, oh my! At night, we’re sleeping, so it doesn’t matter if we look a mess, right? Put oils and other hydrating products in your hair and leave them overnight. Just make sure that you get up early enough to wash them out!

We are always here for any potential hair care questions you may come up with! If you don’t have any questions, and know exactly what you want, you can come see us too. We offer in salon protein packs and other fantastic goodies for your scalp and strands! Call and make your next pampering appointment today!