Are you longing for that sunkissed look? Do you wish your hair had just a touch of lightness to it, to add dimension? Foils are just what you’re looking for, and now through August 31, 2016, get 7 or fewer foils for $24.99 – regularly priced $35-42 – at Salon 755! Learn more about how this technique can help you achieve the perfect look below, and make an appointment for yourself today!

Foils: How To Get Natural Looking Summer Highlights The Easy Way!

What Do They Do?

Foils are a way to get a very symmetrical summer highlight in place. This will give your hair an overall lighter look, and your stylist can customize how light you go. They are a great way to blend your highlight with your natural base color, whereas other techniques are more uneven and less blended. Getting foils involved sectioning off hair and weaving strands, painting them with a lightening agent before wrapping them in foil. The foil keeps the lightening agent from getting on the surrounding hair, as well as keeps the product moist.

Partial Vs. Full

Our current deal is for partial, but lets look at the difference between full and partial. Full foils will give you a much bolder look, as they will be brought all the way down the length of your hair. If you have a shorter cut, full foils won’t do anything more for you than partial will. Partial will be placed around your head, but not further down. Either technique, full or partial, will result in a much more daring look, and is one of the most sought after looks in any salon. If you’re interested in getting foils on a great deal, act now! Don’t miss our deal at Salon 755, 7 or fewer foils for $24.99 through August 31, 2016! Make an appointment today.