The chill is in the air, whether you’re ready or not. Unfortunately, that means it’s also affecting your hair, so it’s time to make sure that you are preparing and ready. In the cooler months, we often see our hair and scalp dry out. Between being indoors and seeing constant artificial heat and the outdoors a constant chill, your hair doesn’t have much time to relax. Since we’re all here struggling, we’ve put together a couple of tips on how to keep your hair healthy and ready for the upcoming cold season.

  • Moisture is a woman's best friend. In preparation for fall and winter, your best bet is going to be to amp up your moisture routine. Look into gentle sulfate free shampoos and conditioners that are designed to give you moisture and help with dryness. You can use styling products to smooth your hair down at the cuticle and protect it from various environmental and tool damage.

  • Be mindful of how often you’re shampooing. People often preach about washing your hair less and less during the winter, and while you should try to shampoo no more than 2-3 times a week, you shouldn’t cut back more than that in the fall. Follow a similar shampooing routine, and feel out when you need to freshen up based on your actual hair. Whenever you feel dirty, you should shampoo. Just keep in mind what goes into your shampoo is what matters most. A salon grade shampoo that’s sulfate free is going to keep your hair healthy and moisturized far more than your drugstore clearance deal.

  • Beware the protein packs. They’re fantastic at smoothing out strayaways and hydrating your hair while bringing back shine, but if you’re not matching with the proper amounts of moisture then you’re going to weigh down your hair. Make sure to follow up a protein pack with a deep moisturizing conditioner, preferably leave in. Use a volumizer to offset any flat hair, and you’re set!

  • In the summer, it’s common to want to rock an up-do. A ponytail is easy, keeps your hair off your neck, and keeps you cool. In the winter, it’s already cool so leave the hair ties at home! Pulling your hair back isn’t great for your hair or scalp, as it causes a lot of breakage. Leave your hair down and let it flow naturally for the healthiest treatment of all.

  • Trim the ends. This is a simple one, the split end secret every stylist has for you; the only way to get rid of split to get rid of them! Breakage only spreads breakage. There are always great products available to minimize the damage, but in the end, sometimes it’s just best to get a trim. During this transition to fall, it’s the best time. Schedule an appointment for a trim today!

There are so many products and tips out there, and many of them will lead you astray. If you ever have any questions about what your hair needs, or a new product to try, come in and visit your stylist today. Schedule that appointment for a new fall look, and be ready to leave with happier, healthier hair!