The beauty world is here to benefit everyone, and we’re doing our best to make sure you know all the great products available on the market! We have products that can help with just about anything, and one of our go-to products here at the salon is dry shampoo! Some people are lucky to be naturally dry humans, they don’t get as oily as others, have perfect hair every day, and can wash their hair once a week. That reality isn’t attainable for all of us, and as the ideal is to wash your hair maybe every four days, what do you do on off days when you wake up with frumpy oily hair?
Dry shampoo. Scream it from the rooftops, dry shampoo. Every can should come with a tiny cape, because it totally saves the day in between washes! We have two dry shampoos that we sell in salon, because we adore them so much. Here’s a little bit of information about them, because we think they’d be a great additional to your routine!

Moroccanoil is a fantastic brand that we can’t get enough of. Our favorite thing about them right now, is that they now offer two different shades of dry shampoos- Dark Tones and Light Tones! Their oil-absorbing rice starch formula now is offered in both a dark and a light tone, so you can get the clean refreshed feeling without having an off color or powdery feel! The product is argan oil-infused, which breaks down in your hair immediately, helping you maintain your natural rich tones.

Another great option we offer in our salon is the Redken dry shampoo. Their dry shampoo is great for second or even third day hair! This shampoo can also be used to provide extra grip if your hair is too soft for an up-do on day one hair, or just for it’s typical use of quick shampoo before work when you don’t have time to wash. Their product is formulated with a new touch-activated fragrance technology, that keeps you smelling fresh all day long!

If you’re new to dry shampoo and looking for advice, come in and let us know! These are just a few of our products, and we can help you find the right one for any day in your hair phase! Washing your hair every day causes breakage, and strips your hair of healthy natural oils it needs to stay strong. A dry shampoo will help get you through those days you don’t wash, without looking like you haven’t!