Have you ever stopped to think of your hair and all the stresses you put it through each day? You want your hair to fit your style, so sometimes you put it up, pin it back, blow dry it, straighten it, curl it. There are so many things we put our bodies through, styling your hair is often overlooked as a damaging piece of the puzzle. If you’re using any heat tools on your hair, you’re causing damage. Let’s face it, even brushing your hair causes damage.

Redken is one of our go to suggested products; because it works. We are a Redken salon, so we carry all their most exciting products. As we’re talking about heat damage, take some time to look into the Heat Restyling Technology line.Their new products contain beeswax that will melt at even the lowest heat setting, seal the cuticle of your hair and lock in the style as it cools. If you have any questions about any of these products, feel free to ask one of our stylists for more information!

Another brand we carry and can’t talk about enough for the benefits of your hair, is the Surface Styling line. Their Styling line contains natural sugar and starches to help ease frizz and create a flexible strong hold. It’s a natural line that uses basic ingredients to make styling your hair easy and friendly to your pores. These products are petroleum, plastic, and PVP/VA free.

The third and final brand plug we’ve got for you is for the Pureology heat protectant hair products. Their products are a must-have for anybody that is a hot tool fiend, or has previously damaged hair. This is the easiest way to protect your hair from heat, but also from environmental factors. They have sulfate-free shampoo, and numerous styling products specifically designed to keep your hair healthy, even when you’ve used every tool in your closet...at once.

Sometimes styling your hair can be the most frustrating part of your day. Whether you have stick straight, a mass of curls, or mid level hair, we all have our processes. After showering, you may blow dry your hair, or straighten it once it’s air dried. Either way, these styling methods involve heat. Even if you don’t style your hair, it can often be frizzy due to over washing, oily because you used too much conditioner, or just frustratingly limp. There’s so many different factors for each person's hair, so your products won’t ever be two in the same person to person. If you’re looking for help finding a product that works for you, chat with one of our stylists and get a recommendation. We keep many fantastic products in shop that’ll help you tame your mane, today!