In case you haven’t been by the salon in a while, we have some very exciting news! We introduced a new hair care line. We are ecstatic to announce that Salon 755 now carries the Brazilian Blowout products! Brazilian blowout uses customizable smoothing treatments to improve your each follicle of hair. Their products create a protective layer of protein that coats your hair to cut back on the frizz and give you the everyday styling ease and confidence you’ve been seeking!

These products work great for any and all hair types. Brazilian Blowout products are formulated to eliminate frizz, so they are greatly recommended to our clients with processed, frizzy or damaged hair of any kind. Everyone can benefit from these products, regardless of if you have straight, curly or wavy hair! This product will not straighten your hair, if you have wavy hair it will likely give it the appearance of being smoother which can often be confused for being straight. Our customers with very curly hair will see less frizz and more shine.

The Brazilian Blowout lasts up to 12 weeks if you maintain with proper after care maintenance. This treatment is not considered “one and done” as there’s multiple steps and upkeep required. The longer you continue treatment, the better the results! The Brazilian Blowout can be used with colored hair and treated hair of any kind. This includes relaxers and straighteners! The best results are seen on chemically treated hair, as it will help to fortify each cuticle on your pretty head with essential amino acids and proteins. Your hair will not see a loss of volume, and will retain it’s natural bounce and lift.

You can even color your hair the same day you have a Brazilian Blowout! The only process that would be different, would be using the smoothing treatment after the coloring is set. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait two weeks for your hair to balance out in order to color it again. If you have any questions about these new products, feel free to call in and ask, or better yet, schedule your next appointment today!