You’ve likely heard the term “metrosexual” referring to a men’s style featuring stylish clothing and impeccable grooming. You also have probably become aware of the recent popularity of displays of manliness through one's beard. This new trend sweeping the nation has given rise to a new style of man, the lumbersexual. The beard is the main feature for the lumbersexual. Because of this, the importance of the beard to look its absolute best is extreme. The metrosexual who worked hard to look stylish and pretty is the opposite of the lumbersexual who appears to be burly and unkempt. There are many beard styles for the lumbersexual. We have compiled a brief list of a few of the most popular beard trends for the lumbersexual man.

Beard Trends for the Lumbersexual Man

There is considerable variation in lumbersexual beards. Some beard styles simply look better on some than others due to the individual’s facial features and face shape. Personal preference also plays a large role. Even your hairstyle will greatly affect the look of your beard.

Full Beard

The full beard is perhaps considered the most traditional lumbersexual beard style due to its thick and bold look. Often, this style is paired with a medium or long hair length, a top knot, or a man bun.

Trimmed Beard

For some just making the transition from metrosexual to lumbersexual, a full and thick beard may be a bit much. A carefully groomed beard trimmed close to the face is also a popular choice that says manly with a touch of style.

Chin Curtain

The chin curtain can be just as thick as a full beard on most of the face, but the mustache is carefully shaved. Think of it as the Abraham Lincoln look for the modern man.

It Takes Effort

Maintaining the perfect beard trends for the lumbersexual man takes effort. Your facial hair must be kept up, just as any other beauty trend. Your style must be groomed to give the greatest appearance. Furthermore, when maintaining your beard at home, one tiny slip with your trimmer can spell disaster.

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