It’s that time of year, that we’re all semi dreading but equally excited for; kids are going back to school. We’re all ready to get back to a semi normal schedule, and with the beginning of the new school year comes a whole new slew of trends! This fall we’re expecting a lot of lax hair styles that fit in with the on the go mentality we know all too well. There’s not enough time in the day to have perfectly coiffed hair, and it’s great to see that the trends are starting to fit the real lives of real women!

For the short hair ladies, we’re seeing a lot of simple glam that’s easy to achieve! Stay classy and embrace the just wandered out of the pool look by running mousse through your post-shower hair. Scrunch the tips and let your locks air dry. Once the moisture is gone, gently brush it out and let your hair do what’s natural.  The more natural wave you have in your hair, the better!

Buns, buns buns! Small tight buns, loose flowy buns, buns with tails. We love them all! Whether you’re throwing your bun into a topknot, or keeping it loose, you can be confident that you’re in with the hip trends this year. Super Femme buns can be seen with a teased crown and brushed back creating a very sleek look. Pull some of the baby hairs out to frame your face, and add in a cute bow or other hair accessory to complete the look.

Some things never die, no matter how badly your grandmother would like them to. The half shaved look is still definitely alive and thriving, and we’re impressed with how edgy and daring you all look with it! Women everywhere are opting for this edgy look by having designs put into their hair, making it an easy up and out the door hairstyle!

Loose waves are all the rage, because who doesn’t like being reminded of the summer fun you had at the beach? Use your flat iron to straighten the ends of your hair, while simultaneously using it to slightly bend the hair below the crown of your head. Tuck it behind your ears and use your fingers to give the rest of your hair texture. Spray it down with some texturizing spray and off you go!

Texturizing putty is your new best friend this year. You can use it for a bob, or locks down to your rear. Either way, it’s got you covered, because natural beauty is this years golden ticket to trends. Messy is in, scrunch and texturize your hair while letting it air dry. This minimizes time in front of the mirror while also ensuring a calm and tamable mane. Use a curling iron to get those indignant pieces of hair into shape.

Ponytails will never really be out of style, right? Long, short, two, four, they’re a common staple on just about everybody's head these days. We’ve seen celebs wearing two on either side of their head, or low ones that turn into fishtail braids. You can get away with any ponytail as long as you’re comfortable and your hair is feeling’ the wave. You can also bring out your inner baby spice and use hair binders that match the color of your hair, the goal is to look perfectly imperfect. Achieve the easy brand of being classy while also just rolling out of bed.

In the end, your hair is a reflection of how you want others to perceive you. If you need a new hair cut, or some new style advice feel free to reach out to us here at Salon 755. We’d love to give you some advice on all the great things you can pull off and help give you the confidence you need to embrace a new look!