It’s officially prom season, and once you have your dress picked out it’s time to start thinking about the style of your hair and makeup to compliment it.


If you don’t know which direction to go with your hair, here are a few ideas from the experts at Salon 755 that you can look at, and see which one best suits your unique features and dress.

The Mussy Updo

The effortless look has been in for a few years, but it provides a prom hairstyle which is stylish and trendy yet doesn’t need to completely be held in place. This hairstyle works great with all types of dresses and can be really customized to complement all face shapes.


This look is perfect if you would like to wear your hair down but still want a formal touch to it. Placing some curls in it will add body and elegance. This is a style which will require medium to longer length in hair, and remember everyone’s hair is different so don’t expect your style to look exactly like the picture you have picked out.

Classic Updo

The best feature about the classic up-do is that it can take on many different shapes. A great tip is to make sure your hair is not pulled too tightly, because it may be irritable and may not photograph too well due to showing mostly your forehead and neck. Side partings with some angled bangs is a great way to wear it, and this style is great to accessorize with earrings, necklaces, or an ornate bodice.


If you just like to let your hair down free, go for it! Adding some texture definitely helps add some body and movement, like some loose curls or beachy waves. The great thing about letting your hair down is it works for all hair types and lengths. To keep those curls in place all night, make sure to use a medium hold hair spray which will keep your curls in place, but also still have movement.

Short Hair

Short hair is sassy and sophisticated, and goes hand-in-hand with jewelry accessories for a perfect clean look for prom. Short hair is great with any type of prom dress.

Fake Bob

The fake bob is trending this year! It’s great if you would like to try out a new length without the commitment of actually cutting your hair. All you really need for this style are some pins and hairspray. Adding some loose curls will blend it better and make it look more real.


Makeup also plays a big role for prom. Consider your dress first, and make sure your makeup won’t overpower your dress. If you’re wearing a more vibrant colored dress, you shouldn’t wear that same color as your eyeshadow or lip color. Instead, wear a more neutral color which will make the dress the star of the show, or go with a color within the same palette and choose a shade of it to help complement the dress.

If you want to rock a bold lip color, go with a less dramatic eye makeup for an even balanced face. Vice versa, if you want a dramatic eye makeup, let that be the focus of your face and go with a more simple or nude lip color. Remember to use a lip liner with your lipstick to prevent feathering and help your color stay on longer!

All of our stylists here at Salon 755 are so excited to work with your unique style on your big night! Call us today at 651-501-7464 to book an appointment or you can also book at any time on our website!