Hair color is not something you want to leave to chance. When you choose to use boxed hair color, it leaves your results up to the whims of a company who has never seen your particular hair before. You can never be sure exactly what will happen, whether it’s simply dry hair, or the chemicals mixing poorly and giving you a color you could never have expected. Let’s look at 5 reasons why you should invest in professional hair color services, like at Salon 755, to make sure your hair is taken care of!

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest Professional Hair Color

1. One Size ≠ Fit All

A professional hair color specialist considers all of the factors of your hair to customize a formula for you every time you walk in the door. The color needs to be unique every time because the texture, length and volume of your hair constantly change, as well as the chemical makeup of your hair. Box color simply cannot take all of this into account, and your hair suffers for it.

2. Bottles Are A Bad Way To Apply Hair Color

A professional will apply hair color precisely from the regrowth to the demarcation line with a special applicator to keep your hair healthy and the color even. With box color, it’s hard to apply hair color evenly while leaning over a sink and squeezing a bottle. You’re likely damaging your hair by overlapping the color as well as creating dark spots/banding.

3. Your Hair Will Feel Healthier

Box color will only make your hair more and more porous as the chemicals damage it. Since box color is not engineered for your specific hair like a stylist would, there is no control. That’s why your hair likely feels like straw. With a professional hair color service, it is possible to be a platinum blonde with shiny, healthy hair! They have the time and tools to help you achieve your desired look!

4. Boxes Set Unrealistic Expectations

Do you really think those famous women actually use the box color they are advertising? They most likely spend hundreds on professional hair color, not $10. The best way to mimic celebrity hair is by going to a real hair color specialist.

5. Our Formulas Never “Change”

While box color often has “New Formula!” written on it, how often does that work in your favor? The manufacturer doesn’t know your specific hair type, and so they could be making the formula more or less potent and you won’t know until you try it. With a professional hair color specialist, our formula “changes” every time you come in, because we pay attention to the texture, length, volume and chemical makeup of your particular hair to give you the best color possible every time.