We’re coming up on summer, so if you’ve been thinking about changing up your hairstyle, now’s the time! At Salon 755, your local men’s hair salon, we have multiple stylists with lots of great ideas to get you ready for summer 2016.

1. Rough And Ready

If you have hair with a little more body, you might consider going for a roughed-up look. A stylist can combine an undercut (where the sides and back are significantly shorter than the top) with a textured top, and can use something like Redken’s Firm Grasp Texturizing Hair Clay to give your hair a rough and ready look.

2. Side Part

A stylist at your local men’s hair salon like Salon 755 can help you update your side part, or help you train your hair if you don’t have one already. A side part can be as simple as defining the line where your hair parts right and left, giving you a classic look, or you can modernize it with the undercut, creating a hard definition at the part between the shorter side and longer top. The opposite side, where it is not parted, can be either an undercut or faded in length, depending on your style.

3. High Fade

A high fade is a much more defined hairstyle. It is similar to an undercut, except the high fade is cut almost down to the skin by the sideburn and ear area, as well as neck. This creates a much more dramatic fade as it reaches the hair on the top of your head, which you can style rough, with a side part, slicked straight back or whatever style you might choose. The high fade can look especially intense if you have any sort of facial hair.

4. Slicked Back

In 2016, slicked back hair is going to look especially sharp with an undercut. You’ll need quite long hair for this, so if you don’t have it already you’ll need to begin growing it out. This look can be either modernized or used as an throwback. To make it more modern, definitely emphasize the undercut, and use a product which will add texture. For a throwback version, a wet-look hair product will give it more structure. Be sure to try out Redken’s Stand Tough Extreme Hold Gel to keep your longer hair in place. We always keep Redken product on-hand at Salon 755, your men’s hair salon!

Get Your Summer Style From Your Men’s Hair Salon, Salon 755!

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