You may have heard of foil highlights, and you or your friends may have had them before. Who wouldn’t want to add some light coloring to your hair to get that bright, sun-kissed look? Today we’re going to talk about 3 different foil highlights techniques, what they do and when you would want your stylist to use them. Once you’re ready to get your foil highlights, be sure to come to Salon 755, where now through August 31, 2016, you can get 7 or fewer foils for $24.99 – regularly priced $35-42! Make an appointment for yourself today!

3 Foil Highlights Techniques For Your Hair & When To Use Them

1. Horizontal

Horizontal is the most popular placement for foil highlights due to maximized control and predictability. Horizontal can be used for both full and partial foiling. The technique involves weaving throughout the entire head shape, except the nape of the neck. In the nape area, a diagonal slicing pattern with a richer color is used to create depth and dimension. To generate further interest, multiple colors are used throughout the hair except in the front hairline, parting and nape area.

2. Vertical

Vertical is applied to the mid-head section and crown area to create bolder foil highlights. Single and double foil slices are used in the mid-head section to create variable results. In the crown area, a vertical slicing pattern is used with two radial patterns at the fringe area and the back crown area to create a definite yet blended look.

3. Diagonal

Diagonal can be used as full or partial foil highlights. With diagonal, use 3 colors to create a blending and ribbon effect in your hair. This technique is used to create a soft look in the front crown. If you’re interested in getting foils on a great deal, act now! Don’t miss our deal at Salon 755, 7 or fewer foils for $24.99 through August 31, 2016! Make an appointment today.