If you’re feeling lost in the sea of hair trends lately, there’s a new technique which can fit in well with whatever style you have now: babylights!

Babylights are extremely soft highlights which add dimension to solid-colored hair. It’s perfect for those of us who want a beautiful, glowing effect without looking like we‘re ‘trying’. It gives any hairstyle the support it needs without drawing a ton of attention. Check out our 3 alluring reasons to try babylights!

1: Perfect For Short Or Long Hair

Other trends which come into fashion tend to work best on longer locks, but babylights are so extremely versatile they look beautiful even on bobs or tresses.

A hair stylist, like those at Salon 755, will place foils through your hair, choosing only a few strands to highlight, which will make them look more natural. This means it doesn’t matter how long your hair is, because this trend is all about the placement and arrangement, rather than length.

2: Easy To Maintain

Let’s face it; with highlights or hair coloring, you need to head into the salon once a month to get your roots redone. If you don’t enjoy making the monthly trek to refresh your look, but still love the look of highlights, babylights are a great alternative.

This style lets you customize your color into a softer growout. They are perfect for someone who wants a low maintenance color.

3: Looks Beautiful Growing Out

Don’t worry about the awkward grow-out time you have to deal with when you get your hair colored or highlighted. Babylights avoid all of that mess, in favor of a look which is just as beautiful growing out as it was when you first got it. They’re also perfect if you have bright-ends with naturally-colored roots you want to grow out.

Get Your Custom Babylights From Salon 755!

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