Rough, dry, damaged hair is tough to work with. Brittle hair breaks off in the middle of the strand; hair with too little protein stretches and is weak; dull hair doesn’t let you feel your best. With Redken’s new HEATCURE, you’ll be able to heal the damage to your hair, and restore it to its original brilliance!

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Heal Your Hair With HEATCURE

1. In-Salon

We’re proud to offer Redken’s new HEATCURE Professional Formula at Salon 755! With HEATCURE, we use the power of heat to restore even the most damaged hair instantly!

This amazing treatment gives your hair it’s healthy and vibrant look and feel for up to 10 washes! HEATCURE restores protein deep into the cortex of your hair follicles through the power of heat! This process instantly fortifies your hair and restores it with lasting results.

HEATCURE Professional Formula contains a unique combination of proteins: arginine, soy, sepicap and argan oil. These proteins liquefy and penetrate the cortex of your hair with the help of Redken’s HEATCURE Professional Tool, an exclusive ceramic tool designed specifically to deliver the perfect amount of heat to activate HEATCURE: 284°F.

After the treatment, your hair will look and feel healthier, more conditioned, nourished and less damaged. In studies, 96% of clients agreed their hair felt more conditioned and 94% agreed their hair looked healthier! Ten washes later, 70% of clients were still satisfied with their HEATCURE Professional service.

HEATCURE Professional Formula treatment is our special of the month for September, starting at $35! In addition to the in-salon treatment, you’ll also receive 1 at-home treatment absolutely free if you come in for service in September!

2. At-Home

After your HEATCURE Professional Formula in-salon service, you can continue your hair restoration mission with our at-home formula!

Redken’s at-home self-heating mask gives your hair instant conditioning, softness and shine, and can repair up to one year of surface damage to your hair! The at-home treatment is available free when you come in for the HEATCURE Professional Formula in-salon service in September at Salon 755.