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Beard Trimming in Woodbury, MN

Beards are in style! Whether a closely trimmed and carefully sculpted five o'clock shadow or more of a Santa Claus look is your style, managing that manly mane is important to look your very best. There is much more that needs to be considered for proper beard trimming in Woodbury, MN than you may think. Hairstyle, desired look, facial features, and other factors make beard trimming an art form. The slightest slip with your home trimmer or the smallest uneven line can be disastrous. To ensure that your beard remains magnificent, it is best to leave it to the professionals at Salon 755.

The Importance of Technique

You may wonder why to bother going to the salon for your beard trimming since you have been managing it yourself for years. Alternatively, you may be a novice trimmer, and went ahead and gave it a shot with acceptable results. However, the importance of proper beard trimming technique cannot be overlooked. For example, you may not have realized that trimming your beard when wet is a great way to ruin the shape you worked so hard to obtain, because as your hair dries it could have a shrinking effect making some hairs seem longer than others are. You may not have realized that you should always use your trimmer vertically, or that for an even look, different length trimmer guards must be masterfully used. In addition, you may not have realized how important it is to have the proper tools. Scissors and beard trimmers are not created equal, and if you are not using the right ones, you cannot expect it to turn out perfectly. Finally, having a magnificent beard is all in the details. Balancing your beard, trimming around your ears, your upper lip, and your neck can be challenging. Not only do you need to have a great technique, but also trying to use that technique effectively on yourself is not always easy.

Book Your Beard Trimming in Woodbury, MN Now!

If you want to ensure that, your beard is as glorious as it should be, and to do so when it is most convenient for you, it is important that you book your appointment as soon as possible. Our schedules fill up fast, and we want to make sure that you have a chance to visit us and take full advantage. While you are in for your beard trimming, it is a perfect opportunity to have an artful haircut as well. Just give us a call, or use our online appointment form. If you are not sure which stylist you’d like to work with, learn more about our entire team.

The Salon 755 Experience

Salon 755 is your local salon. Our mission is to ensure you will enjoy the best quality salon services by the most talented and highest trained licensed cosmetologists at a price that offers affordability and exceptional value. We pride ourselves on the clean, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere that has earned us a reputation for happy clients every time. Specializing in services for both women and men, our goal has always been to focus on customizing our services to fit your style and budget. We warmly invite you to book an appointment with one of our stylists or contact us with any questions. You can then experience for yourself the Salon 755 difference.

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